Vortex (aka: Corkscrew)

In this video, Jon Coyne teaches the Vortex. The Vortex is an up and down lasso movement while being inside the hoop. It is suggested to first know how to transition the hoop from waist to lasso, and back from lasso to waist. Jon first shows the different ways you can enter into the move. He breaks down the move and shows exactly where your hands should be, from the front, back, above, and in slow motion. To finish out the video, Jon explains some tips to make learning this trick easier.

Hoop Dance Tutorial: The Vortex

This is a tutorial by Arsyn for the Vortex. He shows how to start the hoop and use momentum to make this move happen. He explains some common issues with momentum, and how if you are spinning with the move, you should spin at the same speed as your hoop. If you want to hoop stationary, make sure you push the hoop enough to give it enough speed. He also shows how you can start your hooping routine with the Vortex, or transition from waist hooping.

How to do the Vortex Hoop Trick

In this Expert Village Video, Kamala explains some tips that might help you nail this move. She shows exactly what your hands are doing. She suggests turning to keep the momentum, or move your body back and forth if you prefer to stand straight forward.

Vortex in Slow Motion

Here is a quick video by CHEMIGALS that shows the Vortex for left hoopers in slow motion, and explains each part of the move. There is also another video for right hoopers.

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Prerequisites: Lasso