Super Teenage Hooper Heroes Comic Book

If you didn’t already believe that hooping could save the world, here is your proof. Hooper Heroes is a comic book from Asthmatic Kitty Comics Division. The storyline is about a trio of extra-terrestrial sisters (Botanica, Quantus, and Electress) and their arch nemisis, Captian Moses, a.k.a “The Messiah of Civic Projects”. Their weapon of choice? Hula-hoops of course.
The comic is written by Sufjan Stevens and drawn, colored, and inked by Stephen Halker. The sisters, with the help of their hoops, combat Captian Moses and his “totalitarian social architecture”.

From the Asthmatic Kitty Site:

“The comic book, written by Stevens and gorgeously drawn, colored, and inked by longtime friend and collaborator Stephen Halker, visualizes in graphic form many of the political motifs of the movie and soundtrack: mid-century urban theory, modernism, post-modernism, hoop dynamics, and the spiritual practice of Subud.”