Lift Up – Waist to Lasso (aka: Corkscrew)

Prerequisites: Basic Waist Hooping, Lasso

Jon Coyne shows how to lift the hoop up to Lasso from your waist in this tutorial. He begins by talking about which hand you should start with. He shows the trick in slow motion so you can see exactly how your arm guides the hoop up. He goes over what to do with your other hand, and some other issues you may be having. He also shows this move from above so you can see clearly what the hand is doing. He suggests to spin in the direction of the hoop, or to ducking as you bring it into Lasso to make it easier.

Corkscrews: The Lift Up

In this video, gemgen101 shows how to do the Lift Up Corkscrew. She explains how you guide with your fingers to bring the hoop up. This video shows how to do this move with your First and your Second Hand, and explains which is which. She shows in detail exactly where your hands will go, how to get the timing, and how the hoop will move. She finishes the video by going over some tips to help you if you are still having problems.

Waist to Lasso Hoop Tutorial

This video from Andy with Hulala explains how to bring the hoop up to Lasso from waist hooping. Fist she explains the trick without your hoop, including which current and hand you should use. Then, she shows the move with the hoop from the front and back.

How to Do the Lift Up Hula Hoop Trick

This is an Expert Village Video by Kamala. She begins by going over the movements with your First Hand and elbow without the hoop. Then, she adds in the hoop and explains how to get the timing right to lift your hand up. To finish the video she talks about how you can slow down the trick by turning with is.

Lifting the Hoop Off Your Body, Above Your Head

Here is a quick CHEMIGALS tutorial showing how to lift the hoop off your body and bring it above your head. First, she shows the trick from the front and back and tells what hand you should use. Then, she talks about how your hand should move and how to spin with the hoop. This video is specifically for Left Hoopers. If you are a Right Hooper, view that tutorial here: Lifting the Hoop Off Your Body, Above Your Head – Right Hooping.


This video by Sammy J shows both the Lift Up and Drop Down Corkscrews. First, he explains what a Corkscrew is. Then, he shows the trick, lifting and dropping with your First Hand. After, he shows how you can use your Second Hand, or how to switch between both hands.

See also: Drop Down – Lasso to Waist (aka: Corkscrew), Vortex