Lasso (aka: Halo)

This is an Expert Village Video by Hannah. She explains how to figure out which hand you should start with, and how turning in the direction you hoop and swinging the hoop up to your chest can give you momentum to get it spinning above your head. She breaks down exactly how your hoop rolls across your thumb, and into your hand. It is suggested that you do more of a ‘grab and release’ when you first learn this trick to keep control of the hoop.

Hooping in Lasso

In this tutorial, Jon Coyne shows you how to hoop in Lasso position. He also explains which hand to use, and how to use momentum to get it up. He shows how you should keep the hoop above your thumb to give it control and to be able to manipulate it better. To finish out the video, Jon shows how you can also do a vertical lasso in front of your body.

Lasso/Bow Tutorial

Here is a video by Snake (Angee Keen) that teaches the Lasso and the Bow tricks. She explains why you want to keep the hoop in your palm and on your thumb instead of your wrist. She shows the lower Lasso, which you can combine with the high Lasso to make the Bow move.

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