Chest Roll Head Toss

Behind the Back Toss to Chest Roll

See also: Body Rolls

Chest and Shoulder Hooping

This tutorial by Caroleena explains how to hoop on the chest and shoulders. She begins by going over what you should wear to start learning this trick. Ideally exposing your skin on your upper arms, or wearing natural fibres. She also suggests starting with a larger hoop wrapped in gaffer tape or hockey tape. Caroleena teaches this trick with two points, either forward to back or side to side. First, she explains to movements without the hoop. When she picks up the hoop, she starts by showing chest hooping from front to back, then side to side. She then shows how you can start the trick with a Chest Stall. To get into shoulder hooping, she starts at the chest, and brings her arms into the hoop. Also, you can start by neck hooping and lift your shoulders in. To finish up the tutorial she shows how to shimmy the hoop up from your waist to your chest, explains some problems that you may be having, and some variations you can do.
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