Chase Weave (aka: Two Beat Weave)

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Three Beat Weave

Prerequisite: Chase Weave (aka: Two Beat Weave)

The Three Beat Weave means the hoop is doing three circles: a circle above, a circle below, and a circle to the opposite side (over, under, out). This trick can be difficult to master, but is an impressive and fun move to learn. This tutorial by Caroleena, starts out with a demonstration of the trick. She counts out the beats so you can keep the rhythm with the hoops. She then goes over some practice exercises that you can do to get used to the movements, one hand at a time. After, she brings both hoops together to show how to start and continue the movement. She finishes the video by talking about a trick that most people mistake for a weave called the Crossover.

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This is a sample video from by Steve Bags. This is a very visual move, that is easy to learn. He breaks down the trick into three man positions, and then explains how to move between them. In then end he goes over a common problem you may be having, and how to fix it.