Figure 8 Jump Through

This tutorial by Hoola-Fit covers Figure 8s and Figure Jump Throughs. She gives a tip to step side to side so you don’t get in the way of the hoop while you are doing the Figure 8 Weave. She explains the direction your hands should go and shows how to figure out the timing so you know when you should jump through the hoop. She also shows how to smoothly transition back to the Figure 8 after the jump.

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This is a tutorial for the Helicopter hoop trick by Safire. The Helicopter is rotating the hoop while bringing it around the body. She begins by going over some terms that she’ll be using throughout the tutorial. She shows to the left first, then with the right. She shows how you are going to rotate in the direction like you are going to hit the inside of your knee. You half rotate it and bring it around your back and then grab it from below with your free hand. Follow that rotation to the front, and then transfer to your free hand again. She shows how it may help to rotate your hips a big and use a smaller hoop to get started with this move. The video ends with some alterations you can do once you learn this trick.

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Chest and Shoulder Hooping

This tutorial by Caroleena explains how to hoop on the chest and shoulders. She begins by going over what you should wear to start learning this trick. Ideally exposing your skin on your upper arms, or wearing natural fibres. She also suggests starting with a larger hoop wrapped in gaffer tape or hockey tape. Caroleena teaches this trick with two points, either forward to back or side to side. First, she explains to movements without the hoop. When she picks up the hoop, she starts by showing chest hooping from front to back, then side to side. She then shows how you can start the trick with a Chest Stall. To get into shoulder hooping, she starts at the chest, and brings her arms into the hoop. Also, you can start by neck hooping and lift your shoulders in. To finish up the tutorial she shows how to shimmy the hoop up from your waist to your chest, explains some problems that you may be having, and some variations you can do.
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Vortex (aka: Corkscrew)

In this video, Jon Coyne teaches the Vortex. The Vortex is an up and down lasso movement while being inside the hoop. It is suggested to first know how to transition the hoop from waist to lasso, and back from lasso to waist. Jon first shows the different ways you can enter into the move. He breaks down the move and shows exactly where your hands should be, from the front, back, above, and in slow motion. To finish out the video, Jon explains some tips to make learning this trick easier.

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Lasso (aka: Halo)

This is an Expert Village Video by Hannah. She explains how to figure out which hand you should start with, and how turning in the direction you hoop and swinging the hoop up to your chest can give you momentum to get it spinning above your head. She breaks down exactly how your hoop rolls across your thumb, and into your hand. It is suggested that you do more of a ‘grab and release’ when you first learn this trick to keep control of the hoop.

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This is a sample video from by Steve Bags. This is a very visual move, that is easy to learn. He breaks down the trick into three man positions, and then explains how to move between them. In then end he goes over a common problem you may be having, and how to fix it.