The Bow (aka: Lower Lasso, Stir the Pot)

This is an Expert Village Video by Hannah. Here she shows the Bow trick, which is basically a lower lasso. This is a good trick to finish your hooping performance. First, she goes over exactly how your hand is going to be moving without the hoop. Then, she does a lasso and shows how to move it into the Bow and shows it again with the second hand.

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The Egyptian

This video by Snake (Angee Keen) shows The Egyptian hula hoop trick. This move is basically just a two handed lasso. Start with the regular lasso, and add in your other hand. Make sure you keep your thumbs out so the hoop has somewhere to lay and not fall down your arms. She also shows how to bring the hoop down to your neck from this trick, and back up. She also shows how to open up your hands and bring it down to your waist.

See also: The Lasso, The Bow

Rising Sun (aka: Over the Back Pass)

This trick is pretty easy, but it personally took me a little while to get the hang of it. I think I was scared to release the hoop onto my hand, but once I found the confidence, it was easy to perfect. This is a tutorial from Babz. She begins by showing some simple behind the back passes to get you used to how the move feels. As with most of her tutorials, which I love, she shows the move in slow motion and explains everything from different views.

Thread the Needle

Caroleeena takes the Poi move Thread the Needle and adapts it to Mini Hoops. She wears a sock on one hand so you can tell which hand is moving. She shows the trick, the breaks it down and explains every part. The hoops have to come together at the same plane, and at the same time, which is called equal time. The trick has both hoops up and the same time, and down at the same time, but since you are moving your hands from front to back, they don’t hit each other. She also shows the trick from the side, which makes it much easier to see exactly how your hands and hoops should move. At the end of the video, she shows a short variation where you move one of the hoops behind you, then bring it back to the trick. Calroleeena also made a follow up video, An Exploration of Thread the Needle, which explains a lot more of the different variations of this trick.

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Basic Isolation

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Isolated Vortex

Isolated Barrel Roll (aka: The Bus Driver)

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Hinge Transitions

Deanne from HOOPLOVERS explains Hinge Transitions. Transitions take you from trick to trick. These specific Hinge Transitions take your hoop cleanly to different Planes.

Extended Reels

Five Beat Weave