Behind the Back Toss

The Whip

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Circus Start

The ‘Circus Start’ is a complicated move, if only because no one is really sure on what it actually is. Is it a type of Wedgie? Is it a kick up from the floor? Is it a sequence of many moves put together? After going through these videos, I’m still not really sure. But here is a collection of how some top hoopers define it. Do you think of a Circus Start as a specific trick? Comment and let me know!

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Front Walkover/Cartwheel Kick Up

Twin Anti Spin Flower

More in the series: Split Time/Opposite Direction, Split Same, Together Time/Opposite Direction, Transition Theory

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Kick Up & Flow

Sorry! This video is no longer available. Know of a similar tutorial? Contact us and let us know.

Double Hoop Hand Switch

Weave Jump Through

Double Dutch Jump Through

Twin Revolving Door

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5