Weave Jump Through

Double Dutch Jump Through

Twin Revolving Door

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

No Handed Step Through

Prerequisite: Sliding Door (aka: Vertical Step Through)

Sliding Door (aka: Vertical Step Through)

Also: Continous Sliding Door
Also: One Handed Sliding Door
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Basic Horizontal Jump Through

Safire shows how to do a Basic Jump Through in this tutorial. With this trick, you begin by hooping in Lasso, you bring the hoop down, and you jump through it. She beings by showing a practice movement, and gives tips on how to time the move. She shows where you should jump in the hoop, and which leg should go in first. She continues by explaining how to bring it back up your body without getting stuck on yourself.

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Figure 8 Jump Through

This tutorial by Hoola-Fit covers Figure 8s and Figure Jump Throughs. She gives a tip to step side to side so you don’t get in the way of the hoop while you are doing the Figure 8 Weave. She explains the direction your hands should go and shows how to figure out the timing so you know when you should jump through the hoop. She also shows how to smoothly transition back to the Figure 8 after the jump.

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