Escalator (aka: Elevator, Body Twizzle)

You may be surprised that I have this labeled as a ‘beginner’ trick. Though this trick looks very difficult, it is actually incredibly easy to learn. This tutorial by BABZ shows the trick in slow motion, so you can see actly where the hoop is going to go. All you have to do is push the hoop against your side, and it will roll right up to your body, where you can catch it above your head. Babz has two follow up videos: The Reverse Escalator and Escalator Trick Variations.
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Basic Horizontal Jump Through

Safire shows how to do a Basic Jump Through in this tutorial. With this trick, you begin by hooping in Lasso, you bring the hoop down, and you jump through it. She beings by showing a practice movement, and gives tips on how to time the move. She shows where you should jump in the hoop, and which leg should go in first. She continues by explaining how to bring it back up your body without getting stuck on yourself.

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This is a tutorial for the Helicopter hoop trick by Safire. The Helicopter is rotating the hoop while bringing it around the body. She begins by going over some terms that she’ll be using throughout the tutorial. She shows to the left first, then with the right. She shows how you are going to rotate in the direction like you are going to hit the inside of your knee. You half rotate it and bring it around your back and then grab it from below with your free hand. Follow that rotation to the front, and then transfer to your free hand again. She shows how it may help to rotate your hips a big and use a smaller hoop to get started with this move. The video ends with some alterations you can do once you learn this trick.

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Lasso (aka: Halo)

This is an Expert Village Video by Hannah. She explains how to figure out which hand you should start with, and how turning in the direction you hoop and swinging the hoop up to your chest can give you momentum to get it spinning above your head. She breaks down exactly how your hoop rolls across your thumb, and into your hand. It is suggested that you do more of a ‘grab and release’ when you first learn this trick to keep control of the hoop.

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This is a sample video from by Steve Bags. This is a very visual move, that is easy to learn. He breaks down the trick into three man positions, and then explains how to move between them. In then end he goes over a common problem you may be having, and how to fix it.