How to Start Hula Hooping: A Collection of Resources for Beginner Hoopers

Hooping Beginner
Photo by Jonathan Lidbeck

Maybe you saw a hoop dancer at a recent festival, or came across a performance video online, or you have a friend that is already under the hoop spell. If you’ve been admiring the hoop from afar and are ready to experience the hoop love yourself, here are some of my favourite resources for beginners to get started:

Beginner Hula Hoop Trick List

On our own trick list, you can view tricks that are good for beginners. Here you can start learning the easier tricks to get your body used to moving with the hoop. If you are truly picking up the hoop for the first time, take a look at our collection of tutorials on how to hula hoop on your waist.

Jensen Hussey’s Guide for New Hoopers

Jensen Hussey gets very detailed in her Guide for New Hoopers. This is an excellent resource for people that are really excited and ready to being their hoop practice. She figured out a way to calculate which size hoop is the best for your body by working with your height and waist measurement. She also goes over how to get the hoop to stay on your waist and how to move forward into the wonderful world of hooping after you get that down.

Start Hooping & Resources from Troo Hoops

Troo Hoops explains how to begin your hoop journey on their Start Hooping page. It’s filled with tips on how to keep the hoop on your waist, how to exercise with your hoop, video tutorials, and getting involved in the hoop community.

How to Hula Hoop from

This article talks about how to start hooping at your waist. They break it down to two easy tips: Make sure you have the right size hoop, and rock back and forth.