This is a tutorial for the Helicopter hoop trick by Safire. The Helicopter is rotating the hoop while bringing it around the body. She begins by going over some terms that she’ll be using throughout the tutorial. She shows to the left first, then with the right. She shows how you are going to rotate in the direction like you are going to hit the inside of your knee. You half rotate it and bring it around your back and then grab it from below with your free hand. Follow that rotation to the front, and then transfer to your free hand again. She shows how it may help to rotate your hips a big and use a smaller hoop to get started with this move. The video ends with some alterations you can do once you learn this trick.

Helicopter Spins

Here is video by Jon Coyne showing how to do Helicopter Spins. In this trick, you spin the hoop as you carry the hoop around your body, which creates an illusion that the hoop is being spun more times than it actually is. He shows the move in slow motion and pauses to explain exactly where your hands grab and rotate the hoop. He shows various ways to practice this trick: close to your body and farther away, faster and slower, and with bigger and smaller hoops. He finishes the video by showing some other variations you can do once you learn the Helicopter. Jon also made a follow up tutorial: Helicopter to one leg escalator

Body Pass and Helicopter Tutorial

This video by Hoola-Fit, is all about body passes. It includes a basic body pass and a Helicopter pass. She shows the moves slowly, and explains exactly where your hands go.

Helicopter Tutorial

One Handed Helicopter

Jaime explains how to do the One Handed Helicopter (aka: Hand Spin or Hand Flip) in this tutorial. She suggests starting to get used to the movement on the vertical plane first. Then, you bring it to the horizontal plan and twist your wrist and flip the hoop to get it to spin. She gives a tip to wind up a little first to give the hoop some momentum. The video ends with a couple variations to this trick.