Escalator (aka: Elevator, Body Twizzle)

You may be surprised that I have this labeled as a ‘beginner’ trick. Though this trick looks very difficult, it is actually incredibly easy to learn. This tutorial by BABZ shows the trick in slow motion, so you can see actly where the hoop is going to go. All you have to do is push the hoop against your side, and it will roll right up to your body, where you can catch it above your head. Babz has two follow up videos: The Reverse Escalator and Escalator Trick Variations.

One Leg Escalator

In this video, Jon Coyne first explains what size and weight hoop is best for this trick (With a warning that you may hit yourself in the face). This video breaks down every part of the trick with slow motions, pauses, and easy on-screen instructions. Jon also shares some helpful tips to some common problems that you may be having. To complete this video, he goes over a quick drill to help you practice and lightly goes over a few ways you can transition to this trick in your routine. He also has a follow variation of this trick: Behind the Back Escalator.

Up and Down the Escalator in 7 Steps

Lealyn Poponi slowly shows 7 Steps to bringing the hoop up and down your body in the Escalator. It’s not very long, but it is incredibly helpful to see this fast trick slowed down and shown step by step.

Hoop Tricks: Continuous Escalator + EASY CHEAT!