Chest and Shoulder Hooping

This tutorial by Caroleena explains how to hoop on the chest and shoulders. She begins by going over what you should wear to start learning this trick. Ideally exposing your skin on your upper arms, or wearing natural fibres. She also suggests starting with a larger hoop wrapped in gaffer tape or hockey tape. Caroleena teaches this trick with two points, either forward to back or side to side. First, she explains to movements without the hoop. When she picks up the hoop, she starts by showing chest hooping from front to back, then side to side. She then shows how you can start the trick with a Chest Stall. To get into shoulder hooping, she starts at the chest, and brings her arms into the hoop. Also, you can start by neck hooping and lift your shoulders in. To finish up the tutorial she shows how to shimmy the hoop up from your waist to your chest, explains some problems that you may be having, and some variations you can do.

Four Point Method

This is the video that helped me the most when I was first learning shoulder hooping. Natasha explains her Four Point Method in this tutorial. If you are familiar with belly dancing, she compares it to the Umi move. The first two points are the sliding the chest from right to left while lifting the shoulders, the same way you lift up from waist hooping with your arms to your side. To keep it at your shoulders, you add the other two points: front and back while concaving and convexing your chest. Natasha explains that you need to make your body shaped more like a circle to keep the hoop spinning around it. It is suggested that you get that movement down before you add the hoop. She shows how to bring the hoop back where it should be if it starts to go down your arms or up to your neck.

Strengthen Your Back with Hoopnotica

This sample video from Hoopnotica’s Instruction DVD – Beginning Level 2 introduces chest hooping. The focus of this video is how hooping at the chest can open and strengthen the upper back and chest. It starts out by showing some stretches to practice to get used to the movements your back and chest will be making without the hoop. Next, it explains the four power points where you push the hoop to keep it spinning. To finish the video, it explains how you can use your arms to help you curve your spine.

Hoop Dance Tutorial: Shoulder Hooping Techniques

In this video, Anah Reichenbach aka Hoopalicious, explains her shoulder hooping techniques. First she shows the movement, and how she teaches it with two points (shoulders) and two flows (chest and back). She says its ok to have to spin while you first learn this trick, and how to switch to standing still. She talks what creating a ‘wobble’ is, and how to make it happen. After getting the basic move down, Anah shows how to do the Extended Arm Weave.

Hoop Dancing Tutorial: Hooping at the Chest

This is Safire‘s video tutorial for chest hooping. First, she explains a prep move where you hoop at your neck, then bring your hands in from below. You practice bringing one hand up at a time, then you bring both hands up to bring the hoop to your chest. Then, she shows how you conform your body to the shape of the hoop by curving your back and chest. She finishes up the video by showing how to chest hoop with your arms (shoulder hooping).

Learn to Hoop Dance – Chest & Shoulder Hooping

In this tutorial by gemgem101, she begins by explaining that this is a difficult move, and not to be discouraged if it takes a few weeks to get it down. She suggest a larger, heavier hoop, so it rotates slower. The hoop should have gaffer tape, and your skin should show. She spins the hoop at first without moving to show that the hoop wants your body to be a circle, more like your waist, for it to spin around. The four pushes (forward, back, and side pushes) make your shoulder more circular. She demonstrates the cat push stretch to get your body used to the movement. The forward and back movements keep the hoop up, but you need to add the side motions with your shoulders to keep control. You should keep your arms relaxed, but close to your body. She explains what a ‘control shoulder’ is and how that can help you push and control the hoop.

Comprehensive Shoulder and Chest Hooping Lesson

Here is a detailed tutorial by Katie Emmitt. Like many of the other videos, she explains that chest and shoulder hooping can take a while to get down, even up to a few months. She discusses the type of clothings you should wear, and what kind of hoop you should use. She also talks about getting used to rounding your back and puffing out your chest. Then she talks about the different ways of shimmying up from the waist, either with or without your arms. It is suggested to learn chest hooping first to get used to the movements before you bring in your arms to bring the hoop to your shoulders. When you start shoulder hooping, you are going to try to make your body as small and round as possible for the hoop to go around. Katie shows how to exaggerate your arms forward or back to keep the right shape. To finish up the video, she talks about some additional tips like working with breaks and how to keep yourself from getting frustrated.

Chest Hooping Tutorial

This is a tutorial by Audrey Scherer about chest hooping. She starts of by showing a stretch and adding the hoop to it so you can get used to the motions. Then she shows breaking and just tossing the hoop around your chest. She hoops to the left, so she uses her right shoulder to push the hoop around her body. The video ends by suggesting to start slow at first to really feel what the hoop is doing.

Shoulder & Chest Hooping Tutorial

Sarah M. Jordan explains shoulder and chest hooping in this video. First, she talks about what you should wear, and what kind of hoop you should use. She shows to start with getting a rhythm with the hoop around your neck and sneaking your shoulders in while spinning and pushing. Then, she explains how you can start from lasso and place the hoop on your chest.

Shoulder Hooping Tutorial – A Different Approach

This video by Hip Hoop Hooray shows some alternative methods to shoulder hooping. First, he shows how most videos teach by hooping at the waist and bringing it up with your arms. Then, he explains his approach by having the hoop spin around the shoulders, catching it, and turning until you get the feeling down.

Hoop Tutorial: Chest Hooping

In this video, Dimples Deville show some of her tips for Chest Hooping. First, she shows cat/cow. Then, she suggests to work with gravity by starting at your neck and using “Teacher, Teacher” to bring your hands up.

How To: Chest/Torso Hoop

Here is a quick video by Snake (Angee Keen) showing her tips for chest and torso hooping. She explains the movements as “Hunchback” and “Show the Girls” for shoulder hooping, and “Teacher, Teacher” to bring your arms up and keep the hoop on your chest.