Basic Horizontal Jump Through

Safire shows how to do a Basic Jump Through in this tutorial. With this trick, you begin by hooping in Lasso, you bring the hoop down, and you jump through it. She beings by showing a practice movement, and gives tips on how to time the move. She shows where you should jump in the hoop, and which leg should go in first. She continues by explaining how to bring it back up your body without getting stuck on yourself.

Horizontal Jump In Hoop Tutorial

This video by Emma shows you how to Jump In your hoop from the Horizontal Plane. She breaks down each part of the move in slow motion. Both hands and directions are covered in this tutorial. Some tips to common problems you may be having are shown at the end of the video.

Horizontal Jump Through Tutorial

Miss MichelleBell teaches the Horizontal Jump Through in this video tutorial. First, she shows what the trick looks like. She continues by explaining which and to you and on which current. Then, she shows exactly how to do the trick and a couple different ways you can finish it. She finishes the video by showing how she incorporates this move into her hoop dance.

Horizontal Jump/Step Into/Through the Hoop

This is a CHEMIGALS tutorial for the Horizontal Jump Into the Hoop. The move broken down into steps and talked through while shown in slow motion.