Lasso (aka: Halo)

This is an Expert Village Video by Hannah. She explains how to figure out which hand you should start with, and how turning in the direction you hoop and swinging the hoop up to your chest can give you momentum to get it spinning above your head. She breaks down exactly how your hoop rolls across your thumb, and into your hand. It is suggested that you do more of a ‘grab and release’ when you first learn this trick to keep control of the hoop.

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This is a sample video from by Steve Bags. This is a very visual move, that is easy to learn. He breaks down the trick into three man positions, and then explains how to move between them. In then end he goes over a common problem you may be having, and how to fix it.

Irina Akimova on Swiss TV Show

I came across this video recently and I was blown away. Her speed, balance, and skill is just incredible. Keep an eye open for the move at 2:00. It will make your jaw drop.

Irina Akimova is a Russian performer that currently works with Cirque Du Soleil. She has been working with hula hoops for the last 18 years.

Super Teenage Hooper Heroes Comic Book

If you didn’t already believe that hooping could save the world, here is your proof. Hooper Heroes is a comic book from Asthmatic Kitty Comics Division. The storyline is about a trio of extra-terrestrial sisters (Botanica, Quantus, and Electress) and their arch nemisis, Captian Moses, a.k.a “The Messiah of Civic Projects”. Their weapon of choice? Hula-hoops of course.
The comic is written by Sufjan Stevens and drawn, colored, and inked by Stephen Halker. The sisters, with the help of their hoops, combat Captian Moses and his “totalitarian social architecture”.

From the Asthmatic Kitty Site:

“The comic book, written by Stevens and gorgeously drawn, colored, and inked by longtime friend and collaborator Stephen Halker, visualizes in graphic form many of the political motifs of the movie and soundtrack: mid-century urban theory, modernism, post-modernism, hoop dynamics, and the spiritual practice of Subud.”

O Dance: Boulder, Colorado

This is one of my favorite Hooping videos. I found this when I was first starting out, and I knew that this was something I wanted to learn.

Performing here is Shakti Sunfire, a dance instructor in Boulder, Colorado. I love how happy she looks and how fluid her movements are.