About High-Hoops

High-Hoops has been developed to be a helpful resource for everyone interested in hooping. From the stay at home mom looking for a fun, easy way to get in shape to the seasoned hooper looking to stay up to date with the current news in the hooping community and everywhere in between.

Nicole Hooping

When I first became interested in hooping, there were a lot of terms that I would read on forums that I didn’t really understand. This is why I developed my Glossary of Hooping Terms. I also realized that, during my practice, it would be useful to have a listing of various hoop tricks to improve my skills. I put together a Hoop Trick List, showcasing the videos that were especially useful to me, in addition to linking to different versions and modifications of each trick. I’ve also included an article on The History of Hooping. Yes, hooping goes back way farther then the Wham-O toy of the 1950s. The main hooping blog on the homepage will keep you up to date on all the news of the hooping world, showcase amazing hoop performances, and give an insight into the hooping culture.

Also, it will take you on my personal life with the hoop. Bruises, accomplishments, failures, and more. My name is Nicole. I’m in my mid-20s and I live in Florida, USA. Right now, I do mostly on-body hooping, though I just made a set of mini twin hoops to start working on more off-body poi-like tricks. This site is just the beginning of my hooping journey. I hope to eventually perform, sell hoops, and maybe teach some classes. In addition to hooping, I’m working on starting my own Graphic and Web Design Business, Ventus Design Studio.

If you have any questions/comments, please visit my Contact Page or send me over an e-mail at high.hooops@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by 🙂