5 Tips to Make a Badass Hooping Tutorial

So you’ve got some tricks down and you want to share your knowledge? No better way than to make a video tutorial. If you get enough views you could make some side cash, and maybe even get a couple of fans. Here are some tips to make your first video a hit.

1. Show the trick first

People want to see what they are learning to do. Show the trick first and sell it. Make your viewers want to learn what you are teaching by showing how impressive the final result will be. If you don’t show the full trick first, many people are going to automatically skip to the end to see it. It’s really just annoying, and you don’t want to annoy people that could potentially share your video.

3. Make sure we can see you

Location is important here. Make sure you are in a brightly lit area, with nothing obstructing you from the camera. Place your camera on a tripod, or ask a friend to hold the camera and make sure you stay in the screen. Being able to see how the trick is actually done makes it a lot easier for your viewers to understand how to do it themselves.

2. Make sure we can hear you

Check your audio and make sure your voice is loud and clear. Most people are going to want to watch your video while they are practicing the trick. If they have to get super close to their computer to hear you, they aren’t going to have room to work with their hoop. Either make sure your mic can pick you up clearly, or edit your video and do a voice over. Also, stay away from music in the background of your tutorials. It just gets in the way, save it for your performance videos.

4. Edit your video

Using a video editor you can make a title screen, do voice overs, and show difficult movements in slow motion. There are many free programs available. Some may already be installed on your computer (Windows: Movie Maker or Mac: iMovie). Don’t be intimidad by the technology, many of these programs are easier to figure out than they look.

5. Be detailed

It can be easier to learn a trick if you break it into parts. Give tips on what helped you when you were learning this trick. Explain what you’ve noticed what other people have problems with when they are learning. If there are other things that should be learned before your tutorial is attempted, suggest it. If there are drills of movements that can be practiced to make learning your trick easier, show them.