Let’s Hula Hoop into History: World Record Attempt on August 11

The mere mention of hula hooping brings up nostalgic memories of childhood fun, friendship and joy. Hula hoops make people smile, and more importantly they get us to move. That’s why the good4u grocery chain, Natural Grocers, has decided to celebrate their anniversary with an attempt to beat the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the most people hula hooping at multiple venues simultaneously.

Whether you’ve been hula hooping since you could walk, or are just trying it out for the first time, connecting with the hula hoop community at events like this are a fun and exciting way to get more involved, learn a few tricks from other hoopers, and make new friends – not to mention the fun of competition as we go after a record.

Here’s a little video to get you excited about the event:

The event will take place on August 11 at all of Natural Grocers’ 122 stores. The time will start 4:45 p.m. Mountain (3:45 p.m. Pacific, 5:45 p.m. Central), so you’ll want to get there about 30-45 minutes early to sign in and find a spot. You can find a store near you at naturalgrocers.com. The World Record attempt will be live-streamed on Facebook, but if you can’t make it to a store or there isn’t one near you we’d love to see you live-stream in solidarity with the hula hoop community. Just tag @NaturalGrocers in your stream to show your skills as we hula hoop into history.

Behind the Back Toss

‘The Hooping Life’ DVD now Available for Pre-Order

From the Press Release:


THE HOOPING LIFE is the first film that captures the origins and rise of modern day hula-hooping – a.k.a hooping. With an introduction and narration by hooper (of basketball and hula alike) Shaquille O’Neal, the film illuminates eight extraordinary stories of hoop devotees who have embraced it as an art form, a teaching aid, and even an instrument of redemption.

From the streets, to intimate clubs, to giant arenas, the film alternates between self-filmed video diaries, verité documentary footage, and spectacularly filmed performances. Filmed over six years and with an appearance by late hoop-promoter and TV personality Art Linkletter, the film celebrates the healing power of movement and the spirit of human inventiveness.

British electronic duo BASEMENT JAXX provides the buoyant score that captures the free-spirited nature of hooping, with additional music by The Scissor Sisters and an appearance by popular jam-band The String Cheese Incident.

Following more than 100 community and festival screenings around the world, THE HOOPING LIFE will be released on DVD, VOD, and Digital Platforms on April 22. The film is currently available for community screenings. More information available at: www.thehoopinglife.com

9 Great Gifts for Your Favorite Hooper

1. A Hoop They Don’t Already Have

Passionfruit Feather Brite by Hoopnotica
Passionfruit Feather Brite by Hoopnotica

Just one hoop is never enough. There are hoops available in every color combination imaginable. From fabric hoops, to super shiny hoops, its easy to find something to match a personality. Hoopnotica even released a Black Leather Hoop for Black Friday this year. It’s beautiful, and it must feel amazing to dance with it on your skin.

No hooper is going to complain about an extra hoop, but there are so many different kinds that you should have no problem filling an empty spot in your recipients collection. There are five types of hoops. Heavier hoops made with irrigation tubing, lighter performance polypro hoops, LED lighted hoops, travel hoops, and mini poi hoops. They are all useful for different kinds of hoop tricks. If you know that your favoite hooper only uses one hoop, a set of minis would be a great idea for them to broaden their practice. If you have a friend that has been hooping for a while, but is lacking a high performance hoop, a polypro hoop is a great option. If your hooper likes to take their hoop out at night, an LED hoop will be a great addition to their hoop collection. Do you know someone who travels a lot but has a hoop that doesn’t break down? A collapsible travel hoop will allow them to bring their hoop love wherever their travels take them.


How to Start Hula Hooping: A Collection of Resources for Beginner Hoopers

Hooping Beginner
Photo by Jonathan Lidbeck

Maybe you saw a hoop dancer at a recent festival, or came across a performance video online, or you have a friend that is already under the hoop spell. If you’ve been admiring the hoop from afar and are ready to experience the hoop love yourself, here are some of my favourite resources for beginners to get started:

Beginner Hula Hoop Trick List

On our own trick list, you can view tricks that are good for beginners. Here you can start learning the easier tricks to get your body used to moving with the hoop. If you are truly picking up the hoop for the first time, take a look at our collection of tutorials on how to hula hoop on your waist.

Jensen Hussey’s Guide for New Hoopers

Jensen Hussey gets very detailed in her Guide for New Hoopers. This is an excellent resource for people that are really excited and ready to being their hoop practice. She figured out a way to calculate which size hoop is the best for your body by working with your height and waist measurement. She also goes over how to get the hoop to stay on your waist and how to move forward into the wonderful world of hooping after you get that down.

Start Hooping & Resources from Troo Hoops

Troo Hoops explains how to begin your hoop journey on their Start Hooping page. It’s filled with tips on how to keep the hoop on your waist, how to exercise with your hoop, video tutorials, and getting involved in the hoop community.

How to Hula Hoop from Hooping.org

This Hooping.org article talks about how to start hooping at your waist. They break it down to two easy tips: Make sure you have the right size hoop, and rock back and forth.